PC films (polycarbonate)

Polycarbonate is a plastic with numerous properties.
Extruded polycarbonate films display an optimum combination of material properties.

The PC films are hard, impact-resistant, not sensitive to scratches, inherently stable and clear. They offer excellent graphic and optical quality and are available with various surface structures. They are therefore virtually only used in cases where the properties of other plastics are inferior.

Polycarbonate films

Properties: Crystal clear, glossy with 2-sided protective film, matt glossy, or matt rough surface, also dyed milky white with matt rough surface. The film is hard, thermally and dimensionally stable, suitable for thermal recovery or recycling.
Applications: PC permits various possible finishes including using flexo, screen or offset printing or by applying coatings. For LCD/LED screens, covers for domestic and audio devices / front film, keyboard membrane, indicator scales in automotive construction, parts for devices and/or electrotechnology in EL displays, visor film in helmets, light covers (light scattering film).
Thicknesses: Crystal clear & protective film: 125, 175, 250 and 500 (1,000) µm
Matt rough: 175, 250 and 375µm
Milky translucent & matt rough:  250 µm
Form of delivery: Max. web width: usually 1.220 mm,
Max. blank: 1.220 x 1.550 mm, standard 1.220 x 915 mm

Were you unable to find the right film thickness, format or type? Tell us what you need – we will happily explain what is possible.


  • Transparent
  • Can be printed using various processes
  • Easy to bend, cut, punch, glue, stamp, deep draw
  • Scratch-resistant coating possible
  • Highly impact-resistant
  • Resistant to the cold (down to around -40 degrees Celsius)
  • Stability of shape at higher temperatures (up to around 130 degrees Celsius)
  • Flame resistant (in accordance with UL 94 V0)
  • Insulating
  • Dimensionally stable

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