Hot film stamping or hot stamping film printing

The result of this process is gold and silver that look really metallic and not just gold and silver colours. A wide range of attractive design options with high-impact effects are produced.

Hot stamping film printing / hot film stamping / hot sealing stamping – all these names describe a process in which a thin plastic film, rather than an ink, is applied to the printing substrate in a high-pressure process involving pressure and heat.

A layer of aluminium steamed onto the film in a vacuum produces the silver gloss. If the hot stamping film has a layer of varnish applied on top, this produces different metallic shades, such as a gold or copper effect.

The stamping films can themselves display structures too – such as holograms. When the film is applied, a relief can also be stamped into the material to be printed.

Hot stamping film printing is used for highly attractive printing results but also to protect against forgeries.

Until the merger in August 2012 with Rachow Kunststoff-Folien, this service was available from Brand & Wagner.