Printing film

Depending on the printing process and/or ink system, various plastic films can be printed.

Want to print plastic films? We produce lots of different film types for this purpose, which offer different printing qualities depending on the plastic. To balance this out, “difficult” films have appropriate pretreatment.

To achieve good adhesion, all our films require appropriate film inks with binders matched to the plastic type.

Film type Specifications  
Diacetate Crystal clear, glossy:
clear, matt on one side:
is always assembled with interleaf paper
75, 95, 150, 180, 250, 300, 360 µm
70 and 100 µm
max. 1,300 x 1,500 mm
on request
Crystal clear, pretreated on one side:
Format:  Standard 700 x 1000 mm

milky white, white opaque,

75, 100, 125 and 175 µm
max. 1,300 x 1,500 mm
on request

… on request

PC /
Crystal clear, with protective film on two sides:
Matt rough:
Milky white + matt rough:
Max. web width:
Max. blank:
125, 175, 250 and 500 µm

175, 250 and 375µm
250 µm
Standard 1,220/1,230 mm
1,200 x 1,500 mm

polyvinyl chloride
Crystal clear, glossy:
Other PVC types:
and/or rolls
100, (150,) 200, 300 and 400 µm
on request
(standard format: 1,000 x 1,400 mm)
on request

Sometimes printing is only possible with film pretreatment or by applying a primer.
And then there are differences between individual print shops – although all use the same printing process.
We therefore recommend always testing the film type in advance if not regularly printed on. We are happy to advise – give us a call!