Stencil film

Dimensionally and thermally stable, ideal for laser cutting because no melting or waste air containing acid is produced.

For laser cutting or punching stencils, for example with ornaments or patterns for interior design. Application: The stencil is positioned on the wall and the paint is transferred to the wall using a brush, sponge or similar tool. The stencil is then removed and the pattern moved on if necessary. The transfer process then starts afresh.

Stencils are of course also used in industry and trades, e.g. when milling profiles.

Stencil film            
Specification Clear/crystal clear, misty or milky white, standard surface
Thickness 70 µm 100 µm 125 µm 175 µm 190 µm 250 µm
Formats min. 100 x 100 mm, max. 1,000 x 1,500 mm
Packaging Wrapped in paper or in PE film
Quantity unit 100 sheets/format
Rolls On request