The story so far …

Rachow Kunststoff-Folien GmbH
In September 2012, Brand & Wagner and Jürgen Rachow Kunststoff-Folien Handel GmbH business units were merged. As day-to-day business had changed over time, the boundaries between the two companies had long become rather fuzzy. The merger was therefore the logical consequence for better serving the changed market conditions and customer requirements. The highly traditional Brand & Wagner name was dispensed with and is now the service department of the “new” Rachow Kunststoff-Folien GmbH.

Jürgen Rachow Kunststoff-Folien Handel GmbH:
As a result of the reorganisation of a well-known film manufacturer, Mr. Jürgen Rachow opted for a change and founded Jürgen Rachow Kunststoff-Folien Handel in 1997. Mr. Rachow was able to build on his years of sales experience in the plastics market. After launching as a purely trading company, over time the assembly of films and other types of plastics were added. Mr. Rachow retired in 2005, having passed on the company to Mr. T. Freitag. Rachow Kunststoff-Folien Handel therefore became a subsidiary of Brand & Wagner GmbH.

Brand & Wagner GmbH
On 24 August 1889, the bookbinder Brand and the press gilder Wagner opened a press gilding workshop at Alten Steinweg 19 in Hamburg.
When Mr. Brand left in 1912, the company remained solely in the hands of the Wagner family. The wives of the owners had to overcome tough times twice in the history of the company: 1912-1918 Mrs. Hannchen Wagner and 1967-1970 Mrs. Hedwig Wagner. Many relocations due to expansion and the impacts of war brought the company out of the old town (Alter Steinweg 19 – Alter Steinweg 73 – Katharinenstr. 30 – Deichstr. 34 – Glashüttenstr. 79) to Stresemannstr. 375. In 1970, Mr. Egon Breyer became joint owner and paved the way for the company’s current work as a contract service provider for punching, stamping and hot film stamping. The current owner Mr. Thomas Freitag joined in 1993. In 1994, he became co-owner before taking sole ownership of the punching shop in 1995.

In September 2012, Brand & Wagner GmbH and Jürgen Rachow Kunststoff-Folien-Handel GmbH merged to form Rachow Kunststoff-Folien GmbH.